Vocational, Housing and Supportive Services


Vocational, Housing and Supportive Services are an integral component of Center Point’s continuum of care. Supportive services include Low-Income housing, vocational and life skills training, employment and income enhancement services and relapse prevention and recovery management. Vocational services are designed to enable participants to attain the skills and resources needed to obtain and retain a job. Pre-employment (personal and social) skill building, vocational preparation, skills and aptitudes assessment, resume and interview preparation, job seeking skills, job development and placement assistance, coordination between case management services, employment and post-employment follow-up, retention and support services are offered. Center Point's Community Business Partners provide training and employment opportunities.

  • Scattered Sites Low-Income Housing & Supportive Services, Marin County, CA
  • Mary Street Low-Income Housing & Supportive Services, San Rafael, CA [Dedicated Housing for Women with Dependent Children]
  • Hamilton Meadows Low-Income Housing & Supportive Services