Veterans Services


Texas Center Point
Veterans Services
Austin, TX

Texas Center Point’s Veterans Programs provide comprehensive services for homeless veterans, at risk veterans, family members or a surviving spouse through grants from the U.S. Department of Labor and the Texas Veterans Commission, Fund for Veterans Assistance. The range of services offered include crisis intervention, financial assistance, job readiness training, housing and job placement, case management and an array of supportive services.

Since, 2010, Texas Center Point has been dedicated to serving vulnerable veterans and family members in Central Texas counties, providing assistance that promotes stability, well-being and successful community and family reintegration. Innovative, individualized one-stop services are conducted by seasoned staff who are also veterans.

Program Coordinator — Delia Deleon 512-297-2990

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San Francisco Bay Area Homeless Veterans

In partnership with the Veterans Health Administration, Center Point provides residential and outpatient behavioral health treatment programs that address the therapeutic, rehabilitative, and recovery services required by homeless veterans or those who are at imminent risk of becoming homeless. Center Point’s Homeless Veterans Services include: outreach and engagement; structured therapeutic group activities; social and independent living skills training; vocational counseling and employment preparation; clinical case management; mental health counseling and medication management; substance abuse and relation; adaptive coping skills; and comprehensive discharge planning. The array of therapeutic services prepares veterans for reintegration into the community with full employment and stable housing.