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The focus of Center Point, Inc. (CPI) treatment is to reintegrate the individual into the community with the coping skills necessary to sustain recovery, employment and housing stability. Besides all programs offered, there are also other services that are part of the treatment.

CPI’s substance use and mental health programs offer integrated treatment and it includes a individualized treatment planning, resulting in high rates of engagement, reduced institutionalization and remission of substance use. 

Evidence based programs are offered in California and share a fundamental goal, which is to develop individual, personal, social and moral responsibility, and to nurture the full potential of those served.

Successful recovery depends on concurrently addressing mental health and substance abuse issues in an integrated, multi-disciplinary environment. 

CPI offers programs designed specifically to meet this needs. It is used a state of the art service delivery system. It focus the person need as a whole, including its strengths and values. 

Here are other services offered by Center Point, Inc.

Other Services