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Telehealth Services

The Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS) implemented telehealth policies that enable clinically appropriate care through telehealth. Telehealth has become an integral part of the delivery of health and behavioral health care today. Because it reduces treatment and hospital readmissions, it improves quality of life and care, and it also reduces costs. Telehealth is not a distinct service, but an allowable mechanism to provide clinical services. 

The standard of care and documentation is the same whether the client is seen in-person, by telephone, or through telehealth. The telehealth services are delivered by phone (audio-only) or via video. Via video is in a real-time video interaction between the client and a provider located at a distant site.

Center Point, Inc. (CPI) offers both audio-only and video telehealth to ensure clients have their choice of telehealth modality. However prior to the initial delivery of telehealth services, CPI staff will inform the potential client of the benefits and risks of the service. The staff will also need to obtain a verbal or written consent from the client to use this delivery mode. 

CPI also can also establish a relationship with new clients via video telehealth visits or, in specifics cases, via audio-only. There is the possibility to receive telehealth services in conjunction with periodic in-person contact or it may be the only contact with the health care provider. CPI’s telehealth services are provided from CPI’s Outpatient Services program in San Rafael, CA and are available to all clients.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The privacy and confidentiality of telehealth services are maintained by securing the devices utilized by the client, physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, or other provider and/or care team are. Another aspect is that the services are provided in a controlled environment (closed doors) where there is a safety expectation coming from the patients. 

In addition, care team members involved in the client’s care, family members, and technical staff may at times be present in interactions based on client’s/patient’s consent. All staff involved in the provision of services will demonstrate competency in the system’s operation including equipment operation, limitations and means of safeguarding confidentiality, privacy, and security.

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