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Internship Opportunities

Pre-Graduate Clinical Internship & Practicum Program

Internship Opportunities

An internship/practicum placement at Center Point, Inc. (CPI) is a wonderful opportunity to get on-the-job training and firsthand experience working with one of the leaders in the field of child welfare, mental health and substance abuse. Students at our agency are provided with a well-rounded and structured training experience. Internship opportunities are limited, so the application process is competitive.

CPI utilizes volunteers and interns in various capacities, who are recruited through the Alumni Association, the County Volunteer Center and local colleges and universities respectively. Screening, selection, training, and evaluation are completed in the same manner as for regular employees. Training topics include, but not limited to confidentiality and privacy, cultural competency, conflict of interest, and codes of conduct.  Interns participate in training and activities as dictated by their level of study and/or internship and do not provide clinical services unless under appropriate supervision as defined by the DHCS, other cognizant government entity, and/or as determined by applicable contracts and grants governing the specific population and/or services.

Clinical Supervision – For individuals seeking licensure (LPCC/LMFT/LMHC/LCSW) clinical supervision may be available if you are post-graduation and have a BBS number.

If you are interested to learn and develop your skills as Center Point, Inc. intern, fill out the form below. We will contact you with next steps. 

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